Have fun with fashion

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As you all know Fermanagh people are renowned for being happy however many of us don’t exactly dress the part. For many getting dressed in the morning can be a struggle and many either don’t care or don’t take any notice of what they put on. Many will say they are too busy to think about what they wear or in fact don’t actually care about fashion but in reality we all make a choice to part with our hard earned money to purchase the clothes we wear so every single one of us makes a choice to purchase what we wear.

Fashion is a serious multi million pound industry which employs countless people all over the globe from seamstresses to designers and models to magazine editors and right down to the shop sales assistants here in Fermanagh. Many will say they’re just clothes and ridiculous amounts of money are spent every day on designer goods when the people who actually put these clothes together are earning the least. It may interest you to know that the designers themselves don’t earn a huge wage especially new designers and in fact when a designer first starts out many don’t make it. Without financial backing many designers remain in debt for the majority of their career.

This time of year is always most worrying for a designer as they finish off their collections for the season ahead. They rely on public opinion therefor if a fashion critic gives a bad review they may face a financially quiet year. A designer’s work all comes from ideas, musings and artistic flair and they put everything into their work for us to wear and enjoy.

Everyone has their role to play within the industry even you and me. It all begins on a page, the items are made, displayed by models, styled and photographed for magazines, written about by fashion journalists, promoted by advertisers, bought by fashion buyers, displayed in shop windows by visual merchandisers sold by shop assistants and worn by you and I.

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So as you can see fashion is a serious industry with many designers being known for being very deep thinkers. Autumn Winter is a particularly dark month for designers as they cater for the cold, wet and dark months ahead, particularly if you think of Fermanagh. However, Autumn Winter 2014 seems to have brought a change as fashion becomes fun.

Chanel had fun with food, models danced down the runway, gave high fives and were actually smiling and laughing. They were taking selfies with the crowd and the clothes were slightly off the wall. Sponge Bob square pants and McDonalds were the inspiration behind Moschino, 1960s style space dresses at Ashish, Chanel took grocery shopping to a whole new fashion dimension and Anya Hindmarch was thinking of breakfast when she designed her collection of Tony the Tiger and Kellogg’s cockerel handbags.

Although I can’t see many Fermanagh folk dressing in Sponge Bob trousers, I have already seen one or two with the Moschino McDonalds chained handbag (although I am guessing not the real deal). I think this winter could really be fun here in Fermanagh with lots of exciting prints and bright colours making a welcome appearance in our local stores.


Free to be you and me

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As a child I always loved Dr Seuss books but back then I always thought of them as funny little stories about strange characters in strange outfits in a weird and wonderful world however in adult life I can see the great life lessons they teach not only kids but also adults.

Since February I have taken a stand to try to be more positive and learn lessons from the law of attraction in that you reap what you sow, you get back what you give out and taking a more positive view on life will make you happier in the long run.

I have taken the same stance in what I wear because in my view if you put thought and effort into your appearance then that will give out positive vibes about you and who you are. It can be difficult to live a positive life and be who you want to be when you are surrounded by negative people. I sometimes find Fermanagh people and in fact people in Northern Ireland in general to be quite negative, contrary to what statistics say about us being happy people. Maybe that’s just our culture or the way we have been raised or maybe we are all happy being negative.
We should all be able to get up in the morning and put on whatever we like and whatever makes us feel good without the doubt in our minds about what people will think. It is those thoughts and fears of how others view us that hold us back from expressing ourselves in the way we really want to or hold us back from who we really want to be. I am not saying let’s all go out dressed in ball gowns every day but not to follow others, not to wear what we think others want us to wear not to impress anyone but ourselves.

So people of Fermanagh in your life and how you dress and express yourselves please take a little advice from the great Dr Seuss! “Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive that is youer than you. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”