Allis Vintage – the story so far

I have always been interested in all things vintage from unique one off pieces and really special bits of old jewellery to period dramas and big old fashioned cinematic productions, basically I was born long after my time and I would have fitted in very well at a fabulous cocktail party in the 1920s.

I come from a small rural hamlet/village in County Tyrone Northern Ireland but now live in a slightly larger village in County Fermanagh called Lisbellaw. I have always wanted to own my own fashion boutique but have always wanted to own something a little different to everywhere else. At the moment I don’t believe Fermanagh is quite ready for my Vintage revolution so until I have converted everyone to my way of thinking I have decided to open an online store.

My second love is writing hence the blog and of course this will hopefully help to drive traffic to my website and facebook/twitter! I also have a weekly fashion column in a local newspaper – the Fermanagh Herald and I use this as a tool to further educate the generally backward and unfashionable people of County Fermanagh!

Watch this space I hope for big things!!!

Allis Vintage XOXO


3 thoughts on “Allis Vintage – the story so far

  1. Hello!
    My name is Jaymee! I am a third year photography student in New Zealand.
    This year I am doing two photographic projects, one looks at individuals with unique fashion sense. The other is focused around recycling clothing/buying second hand and the benefits this has economically and environmentally.
    I really like your blog! The phrase under your title is great! If only you were closer, It would be great to photograph you.
    Keep blogging : )

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