Save your cash! Restyle, restyle restyle!

Simple black tulip skirt bought for £5.00 in a charity shop. Teamed with Adidas jacket and Alexander McQueen scarf for a sports luxe designer look

Simple black tulip skirt bought for £5.00 in a charity shop. Teamed with Adidas jacket and Alexander McQueen scarf for a sports luxe designer look

With Christmas just 9 weeks away many of us have begun putting money aside or in fact some have already begun their Christmas shopping. I however am one of those last minute Christmas shoppers and it’s usually a struggle trying to get things sorted in the last remaining weeks running up to the Festive season.

Having recently bought a house, a new neice or nephew on the way, Christmas just around the corner and a wedding to pay for I have had to tighten my belt in recent weeks. Before becoming a home owner I would have shopped around for bargains and was reasonably careful with my money but if there was something I wanted I would just go out and buy it. The latest hot trend had to be mine (although I would always go for a unique alternative) and I never really felt guilty about my frequent shopping .


Same skirt different look. This time teamed with vintage shirt and vintage bolero jacket. The entire look was less than £20.00

These days I very rarely go shopping  but when I do I always have to choose between outfits. On a recent shopping trip I had about four dresses, three tops, two skirt and several jumpers but on a tight budget naturally I couldn’t buy them all. It was a difficult decision but in the end I chose items that I knew could easily be teamed with other separates so I would get much more versatility and therefore better value for money.


A dressier look using the same skirt. Again this look was just over £15.00

As well as supporting our local boutiques and our high street I am also a big fan of our local charity shops. Many people are put off by rows and rows of similar colours crammed together and minimal visual merchandising but you can find some really great things in charity shops, you just have to look for them and see the potential in things.

The power of restyling. Same skirt again!

The power of restyling. Same skirt again!

If you have a weakness for clothes like me but your cash flow is restricted my advice is as follows. If you need a new outfit go for items that you can mix and match. Take my black skirt as an example I purchased this for just £5.00 in a local charity shop and it has been my secret weapon.  I have worn it casual to work, on nights out with heels, as part of a fancy dress costume and to a wedding evening party dressed up with a black top statement necklace, cashmere wrap and heels.  This has been the best fiver I have ever spent. If you have time shop around and always take a look in the charity shops as you never know what you might find. Most dresses can be worn casual so if you are choosing between a dress and a skirt; although the skirt can be used to create a broader spectrum of outfits you can still create a wide selection of outfits with a dress if you just use your imagination. With careful consideration and thinking about what you already have at home while shopping you can most definitely make your money go further.


One dress 2 looks. Add a jumper for a skirt jumper combo and you’ll have endless outfit possibilitiessDSC_0836


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