Yummy Mummies

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With another Royal baby on the way and my sister and good friend both due in the coming weeks it’s baby boom all round. In a recent conversation with my sister she complained about how difficult it is to get trendy maternity wear here in Fermanagh and that anything she has tried to purchase online just hasn’t looked right and had to be sent back.

Believe it or not maternity wear has come a long way from the frumpy, unflattering smocks, dresses and bin bag like tunics that maternity departments used to pass off as fashion. I cannot begin to imagine what it feels like to no longer fit into your favourite skinny jeans due to a rapidly expanding bump. However don’t get rid of all your favourite clothes keep them at the back of your wardrobe to give yourself the motivation to get back into them again post baby. In this article dedicated to mums I have gone through all the latest Autumn Winter trends and adapted them to suit your bump. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t wear this season’s hottest trends, you just need to adapt things slightly.


Although many of the shorter lengths in dresses wouldn’t really suit your bump you can still find many sixties style dresses in knee length. Peter pan collars look really cute with a neat little bump in the early months of pregnancy and shift style dresses with bold patterns will draw attention away from your bump. Wear with tights in the cooler days of autumn, which will also give extra support for your legs.

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Capes and kimonos

Blanket capes as seen on the Burberry catwalk are now everywhere on the high street and these along with kimono style jackets are a great way to wrap up during winter and give a very flattering drape effect on your bump.

Maxi dresses

No matter what the season you can always rely on a maxi dress to get you through all eventualities especially when pregnant. Whether it’s a shopping trip with the girls or a wedding you can up style or down play any maxi dress to fit the occasion and the great thing is it will always make you look slim. Try a pop of colour for a more trend setting look.

Cosy Knits

Although some of the bulkier knitted jumpers and fur coats will probably do nothing but make you feel frumpy there are some great longer length knitted cardigans on the high street at the moment that will look flattering against your bump. As well as this if you want to look on trend this season yet don’t like the idea of a bulky fur jacket why not opt for a much more flattering longer length tweed jacket  or long line blazer, which will elongate your torso and give you a neater looking figure.


2 thoughts on “Yummy Mummies

  1. Yes, maxi dresses all the way! They are great for summer pregnancies!
    The rest of the year you can always go with empire waist dresses that fit pregnancy, but offer some blousing under the bust line for your expanding belly. These can get you through at least the first two trimesters, if not all three, without having to purchase dedicated maternity wear (which can be so limiting).

    In my pregnancies, I also embraced the shirt dress which effortlessly dress your bump but can be belted pre and post-pregnancy when you get your waist back.

    I found maternity dressing quite fun, with the exception of the last few weeks when I was bored of clothes, but didn’t see value in buying new ones. I wrote a post with tips on getting through those final weeks! http://bit.ly/1sX4t7d

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