Blogs – a fashion forward outlook for Fermanagh


Social media has taken the world by storm and has taken over our lives in the space of just a few years. Many of you will have Facebook or Twitter accounts or both but these days it’s not enough to simply be on Twitter and Facebook. You’ve got Snap Chat, What’s App, Instagram and my personal favourite Pinterest and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Nowadays people use and rely on social media for everything from organising a birthday party to selling a suite of furniture and whether we like it or not this is the way forward. Even here in Fermanagh, which can at times be pretty behind when it comes to gadgets, fashion and forward thinking Social media is an everyday tool to people of all ages and backgrounds and is used in countless ways.

As a fashion journalist I use social media a lot for research mainly for staying up to date with all the latest fashion news, trends and cutting edge fashion that you don’t see anywhere else. Social media enables me to go places and see things without even having to leave Fermanagh. For my research I often find blogs (a web log or regularly updated web page, written in an informal style as a diary or report of certain interests or goings on) incredibly useful and in fact I use my own blog as a way of reaching a wider audience beyond Fermanagh. Even though Fermanagh is quite a small place I know social media is widely used here so I put a call out using Facebook to see if I could find any local fashion and lifestyle bloggers and just as I suspected I got talking to several interesting people.

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Printed Skull Ink

I was already aware of Donna McCabe’s strong local social media presence through her Blog ‘Printed Skull Ink’. She came up with the name through her background in fashion and textile design and love of skulls. Her blog is a review of local fashion and lifestyle businesses and events. Donna strongly believes in promoting and supporting local businesses to ensure their survival. In the upcoming weeks she will be covering Belfast Fashion week and organising a charity photo shoot for breast cancer awareness.

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Allis Vintage

Allis Vintage is my blog ( in which I talk about all things unique, one of a kind and the weird and wonderful fashion world around us. In my blog I do like to discuss local fashion matters but I also like to explore the world around me as well as bringing a little bit of Fermanagh to the outside world. I have had great comments from as far away as New Zealand and India so its great to promote local fashion to people across the globe.

pic 3

Secrets of a Twenty Something

Lisbellaw’s Victoria Stokes’ blog and website,, explores everything from beauty and fashion to dating disasters and celebrity gossip. Although it is aimed at twenty somethings it is a good read for all ages as her regular blogs discuss topics that effect women of all ages.


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